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The learning management systems (LMS) became common because the world turned to online learning. An LMS allows instructors and learners to finish the training process online as easily as they will during a classroom. Let’s take a fast check out what it takes to define software as an LMS.

Leading the highest LMS is EdApp . This award-winning training solution is concentrated on mobility and stands out for providing a teacher with the power to make , manage and evaluate their courses.

In terms of creation, EdApp has an authoring tool that permits educators to simply make their own lessons or maybe import them from PowerPoint slides. all types of multi-sensory learning modules are often added from templates, including video slides and interactive graphics. Educators also can administer their courses with ease. That is, they will view their students’ progress through a dashboard, monitor performance and reward users with EdApp’s gamification system that gives real rewards like gift certificates.

EdApp also follows a microlearning project model where information is presented through bite-sized chunks delivered briefly bursts. This has proven to yield better student understanding and retention compared to other modes of learning. It also features a spaced repetition tool called Brain Boost where lessons are resumed at increasing intervals until the knowledge is fully embedded in LTM .

There also are numerous ways to assess students. All different question types are available and students also can take part handable discussions. of these great features make EdApp a perfect example of an LMS.